Petra Ecclestone reaches agreed divorce settlement

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Petra Ecclestone, the daughter of former Formula One tycoon Bernie Ecclestone, and her husband James Stunt have agreed a divorce settlement at the Central Family Court in London.

The couple, who were involved in a bad-tempered court hearing earlier this year, were due to begin a two-day hearing today. Instead, however, it was announced at a five-minute hearing before His Honour Judge Robin Tolson QC that both parties had reached agreement, on a series of undisclosed issues.

Judge Tolson also pronounced the decree nisi of divorce, at the request of the parties.

Commenting upon the settlement Judge Tolson said: “I’m delighted about that and I congratulate both parties.”

Family Law Cafe also welcomes this outcome, which demonstrates that even a high-profile, apparently acrimonious, dispute can be resolved by agreement. Family Law Cafe strongly believes that every effort should be made to resolve family law disputes by agreement, without recourse to expensive and stressful contested court proceedings.

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Image of Bernie Ecclestone by Paul Williams, licensed under CC BY 2.0.