Our expert team assists you in getting the best outcome, and we’ll support you all the way.  We hold your hand through the entire process and stop you wasting money, time and energy on fruitless and time consuming dead ends.

Every family law matter is different so our clients need a tailored approach.  There are many options and we can provide insider information to help you make the best choices. We know what to ask you, so that we can analyse where you are and suggest how we can help. There’s no charge for this initial work – it’s all part of the process of understanding your case.   

If you want to take up the assistance Family Law Café can offer, we’ll provide a strategy plan, organise expert assistance, give you access to our secure digital platform where your calendar of events and papers will be held and mentor you through to the conclusion of your case.  We are on hand to help you through any changes and are there for you as long as you need us.

Benefits of our Service

Save Money

Early analysis means you can access the expert help you need rather than choosing a path that wastes your money. We check and monitor constantly to ensure you’re not paying for things you don’t need, that could be done more cost effectively by someone else or that you could do yourself.

Save Time

By providing you with a strategy and working through it, we stop you wasting time on aspects that aren’t going to make a positive difference. We find the right experts for you that progress your case and keep things moving to get the best result for you.

Take Control

We are here to support you whatever happens and ensure you stay on top of the situation. We find the right experts for you that progress your case and keep things moving to get the best result for you. You can get on with the rest of your life knowing your family law matter is in safe hands.

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Relationship Breakdowns

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What our customers say about us

When something new cropped up in my financial life a year after the final order for finances I could not face going back to the battleground of the court process.  I explained the issue to you and you speedily got me detailed and accurate advice and as a result everything was sorted within weeks and my worries were over.  I can’t thank you enough.

The barrister you found was wonderful and scrupulously prepared so any reservations I had about her relatively recent call (knowing what she was up against) were quickly dispelled.

I had limited funds and they were used wisely thanks to your advice.

Thanks again to you all for your efforts.  With so many unable to afford large fees and in no position to source the right help, there is a big role for FLC and I really believe you provide the future for family law.

What mattered most for me was to have the input of human compassion, an understanding of what one goes through during divorce, and to be gently nudged into the ‘work this out’ mode.

You helped me get on, do what needed to be done and to be in a better place sooner rather than later.