The FLC team will analyse, strategise and mentor you through your issue and make sure your case starts, continues and ends in the best way possible. There are three levels of support.  Your Host takes information and processes your initial enquiry.  Your Expeditor, an experienced lawyer, will help you with key decisions. Your Server will assist in day to day matters. You will never need to struggle alone or worry. We’ll be with you all the way.


Family law cases are as different as the families they come from. Some situations can be resolved through mediation, others lend themselves to collaborative law or arbitration, sometimes a letter or two will sort it out and at other times it goes straight to court. It is essential that you have early analysis and do not take your case down a fruitless and expensive path. We are industry insiders with decades of experience. We think about which expert you may need, who will work well with you, discuss your budget and assist you obtaining a legal payment plan if you need it. We liaise with the experts working with you and your Expeditor stays with you to make sure all goes to plan.


Our unique digital platform contains all of your case materials. You access it by a two stage secure login. From here you can see any important dates in your case calendar, speak with your Expeditor and case experts by instant messaging and all your essential case papers are available to you. The use of email, hard copy letters and retaining paper files is redundant. You are sent a text message when something new happens in your matter and you can then choose a time to log in. This means you are free to get on with your life safe in the knowledge that your family law matter is being securely managed. You save money because any further experts needed such as accountants can conveniently access the papers they need with your permission.

Step 1

Once you contact us, an FLC Host will call you, at a time that suits you, to find out what you need help with, get relevant facts and find out your aims. There is no charge for this initial consultation.

Step 2

An FLC Expeditor analyses the information without obligation, considers the various routes open to you,which experts could assist, maps out timelines, costs and funding and how FLC can best mentor you.

Step 3

If you want to take matters forward you agree how much support you need and what you want help with. A tailor made plan with a package of support is drawn up for you by your FLC Expeditor at an agreed fee.

Step 4

Your case is managed online. You access your personal calendar, key documents, events and updates securely at a time that suits you. Your FLC Expeditor mentors you and your FLC Server makes sure everything goes to plan.

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Separation & Divorce

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Relationship Breakdowns

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What our customers say about us

When something new cropped up in my financial life a year after the final order for finances I could not face going back to the battleground of the court process.  I explained the issue to you and you speedily got me detailed and accurate advice and as a result everything was sorted within weeks and my worries were over.  I can’t thank you enough.

The barrister you found was wonderful and scrupulously prepared so any reservations I had about her relatively recent call (knowing what she was up against) were quickly dispelled.

I had limited funds and they were used wisely thanks to your advice.

Thanks again to you all for your efforts.  With so many unable to afford large fees and in no position to source the right help, there is a big role for FLC and I really believe you provide the future for family law.

What mattered most for me was to have the input of human compassion, an understanding of what one goes through during divorce, and to be gently nudged into the ‘work this out’ mode.

You helped me get on, do what needed to be done and to be in a better place sooner rather than later.