Family Law Café is a revolutionary new concept, borne out of years of thought about what people need now when faced with a family law problem. We think that personal support throughout, being able to access the most appropriate assistance and having all of your documents and case materials held securely online is the future of family law. 

Who are We?

We are Joanna Toch, Peter Tahany and Carol Horner.  Joanna is a barrister who has been working in family law for 25 years mostly in court but also within solicitor’s offices. Joanna evolved the concept of working with teams of experts.  Peter is a solicitor who worked at a City Law firm before advising technology businesses on bringing disruptive business models to market.  Carol worked in retail management and wants each person to be the centre of their own case making the choices right for them.

Why Use Us? 

We are confident that we can provide an ethical, strategic and cost-effective way through the potential minefield of family law.  We doubt if anyone wants to come into this world but once you are there you need to find the best navigation through it. We do not want you to be here longer than you should or at any greater emotional, mental, psychological or financial cost than is necessary.  Our purpose is to give you the tools of knowledge, emotional support and technology to get you to where you want to be.

What Do You Pay? 

You pay nothing for the initial call and discussion.  Once an Expeditor has discussed your case with you he or she will let you know the level of support that we recommend and you then decide whether you want to buy a case plan and what level of ongoing mentoring and support you want.

You pay a small storage charge for your documents to be held securely online. We discuss with you your funding needs and organise legal funding when you need it to make sure you can budget realistically to get to the finish of your case.

We discuss with you which experts you need and liaise with them to ensure they charge you competitively and transparently, this will include a percentage sum paid to us.  Once they are working on your case we liaise with them and with you to make sure everything is going to plan and decide if any changes to strategy need to be made.

Do you need help with...

Separation & Divorce

Getting Your Fair Share


Relationship Breakdowns

Family Disputes

Child Arrangements

What our customers say about us

When something new cropped up in my financial life a year after the final order for finances I could not face going back to the battleground of the court process.  I explained the issue to you and you speedily got me detailed and accurate advice and as a result everything was sorted within weeks and my worries were over.  I can’t thank you enough.

The barrister you found was wonderful and scrupulously prepared so any reservations I had about her relatively recent call (knowing what she was up against) were quickly dispelled.

I had limited funds and they were used wisely thanks to your advice.

Thanks again to you all for your efforts.  With so many unable to afford large fees and in no position to source the right help, there is a big role for FLC and I really believe you provide the future for family law.

What mattered most for me was to have the input of human compassion, an understanding of what one goes through during divorce, and to be gently nudged into the ‘work this out’ mode.

You helped me get on, do what needed to be done and to be in a better place sooner rather than later.